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Ergomotion Sustainability Actions

Eco-smart materials

Most Ergomotion adjustable bases are constructed with eucalyptus plywood – an advanced and durable arbor material classified as “hardwood”, which is versatile and extremely sustainable. Eucalyptus crops can produce up to 30 times more volume per year than the average trees used to obtain carpentry wood. The density and nature of eucalyptus make it one of the most structurally sound hardwoods available, which can be impregnated with fire retardant (that does not wash off) through the pressure treatment process. Pallets for material handling and racks/bins for material storage in production facilities are made of excess eucalyptus woodcuts, which minimizes scrap & waste.

Solar Utilization

With advanced, large-scale manufacturing facilities designed with natural-curving roofs, leveraging solar energy is effortless. Currently, Clean Photovoltaic solar energy supports 30% of our manufacturing operations, and we are working with top engineers and environmental leaders to increase solar utilization in years to come.

Energy-efficient products

We’ve designed our adjustable base products to operate with low energy consumption to further reduce the impacts of each individual carbon footprint. Regardless of the extent of use per product, and per customer, our adjustable bases will never have a significant impact on monthly energy usage.

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