Original Mattress Range


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Original Mattress Range

What makes Original Mattress Range Responsible?

Our firmest mattress range with exclusive TEMPUR® Dynamic Support Technology is designed to bring you extraordinary support and pressure relief.

Raw Materials

Responsible Packaging


We are a member of the Australian Bedding Stewardship Council. We’re in talks with mattress recyclers worldwide to identify potential opportunities for used foams - and gain important learnings for future product development of more sustainable components. The brown boxes our mattresses come in are made from up to 78% recycled fibres. In the Australia we’re on track to complete a sustainability audit of all external product suppliers and set packaging sustainability goals by the end of 2023 to ensure a sustainable supply chain.



All TEMPUR® mattresses have a 10-year lifespan, meaning they need replacing less frequently. We’re always looking for new ways to repurpose or upcycle. We offer easy upgrade options – you can replace the top cover of your mattress to give it a new lease of life and make it last longer. The covers on TEMPUR® mattresses and pillows can be separated from the foam core so they can enter separate recycling streams. Our mattresses’ foam cores are made up of 3-4 layers from materials of the same origin to enable better recyclability.8 When our mattresses reach their end of life, the polyurethane foam can be cleaned and shredded for use in carpet underlay, insulation panels, car seats and boxing pads.9 And we are continuously searching for more ways to utilise our unique material.