is a one-stop destination to find sustainability information. We help businesses large and small self-report their progress publicly in an easy to read way. Behind the scenes we help them substantiate their social and environmental claims with tools that help manage detailed information, documentation and third party certifications.

By centralising sustainability data into a single, easy-to-understand format, we help people make more informed choices about the brands and products they support.

About the brands published on our site

Brand members support voluntarily, pay an ongoing membership fee and sign a legally-binding commitment to provide honest and transparent information at all times.

We ( don’t rank, rate, or score members on their sustainability commitments, nor do we provide certification, accreditation or endorsement. Instead we provide the platform and tools for businesses to share sustainability information transparently and in line with regulator recommendations.

That means, we do not endorse vague or ambiguous language, misleading messaging or the publication of claims that can not be substantiated with evidence. To support the people who rely on our platform for information, we maintain the right to audit the content on our site for accuracy and remove anything that breaches our terms; we periodically check content for such breaches.

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Designed for transparency

01 Commitment

Our Members make a public commitment to social and environmental sustainability, and self-report their progress along the way.

02 Action

Members publish specific goals and targets, share the actions they’re taking to reach those goals, and collaborate with our community to implement new initiatives.

03 Impact

We make tools to simplify how Members publish their outcomes, detailed documentation, third party evidence, or anything else they use as substantiating data.

We aim to end greenwashing

Our Members

The green tick you see above signifies a Member.

Meaning the information has been posted by an authorised representative of the brand, who has signed a legally binding agreement to self-report honestly and transparently and maintain an up-to-date sustainability profile.

We enforce strict Brand Usage Guidelines to ensure that our membership badge and brand assets are never used in ways that may mislead or deceive consumers.

Plain & simple

We make it as easy as possible for brands to do the right thing.

Every profile feature has been designed to eliminate ambiguity and reduce instances of greenwashing.

Members can effortlessly substantiate their claims with certifications, reports, audits, and product lifecycle details.

Plus, we provide an editing tool that identifies potentially misleading phrases and guides brands to be clearer, more accurate and more transparent.

Who are we?

With us, what you see is what you get. Sustainable Choice Group Pty. Ltd. is privately owned with a majority of shares held by Kiarne Treacy. We are proud to be run by people who are truly passionate about positive change. While we are not yet profitable, we’re designed as a for-profit organisation, funded by our members, the brands you see listed here on the site. We do not charge consumers to access any of the information on this site nor do we accept referral fees, commissions or a clip of the ticket – that’s just not us.

Right now, every cent we earn is used is used to operate the business, grow our team, improve our service and support charitable organisations. Read our FY22-23 Impact Report Here!

Kiarne Treacy

Founder & CEO

” When we couldn’t find a platform that housed all the big brand’s sustainability data in one place.. we built one. “

We are here to drive radical sustainable change by keeping big brands transparent and conscious consumers informed.

Partnerships for the Global Goals

Sustainable Choice Group PTY. LTD is committed to accelerating UN Sustainable Development Goal 17: “Partnerships for the goals” and Goal 12: “Responsible Consumption & Production” (Specifically Targets 12.6, 12.8). Through our platforms (, the Leaders in Sustainability Network & the Sustainable Transformation Podcast) we aim to help values-aligned organisations and individuals find success through partnerships and knowledge sharing along with easier access to expertise, technology and financial resources.

Our 5% Back Pledge
At Sustainable Choice Group, we are committed to positively impacting the community and the environment by giving a significant portion of our time and revenue to purpose-driven organisations and charities.