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As a child of the eighties, I grew up not being overly aware or conscious of the role we had to play in environmental sustainability. Plastic bags, plastic toys, polystyrene, foil wrappers, straws and takeaway containers were all part of my everyday life.

It was when watching Saturday morning cartoons, a new show appeared, with its super catchy theme song (sing along if you know the words or play it on Youtube) “Captain Planet, he’s our hero. Gonna take pollution down to zero. He’s our powers magnified and he’s fighting on our planet’s side” it’s hard not to stop singing the rest!

I loved watching the team of 5 young kids from around the World, join forces and call on Captain Planet to overcome the villains personified as waste, pollution, and greed. I eagerly awaited the end of every episode when a “Planeteer Alert” provided simple tips for individuals to reduce, reuse, recycle, and advocate for a better and cleaner environment. As a planeteer, I was devoted to doing my part.

Fast forward to the present day, it’s not just Saturday mornings anymore. Still, the media constantly exposes us to the severe impact of pollution and human activity on the environment – from oil spills, forest fires, and overflowing landfills to plastic bags choking ocean wildlife, and all the sustainability efforts required to combat it all. It’s overwhelming. And at times, it can be exhausting thinking about what you can do. How sustainable is this product or service compared to the other one? Is this plastic code recyclable? Which bin is it going in? Feeling guilty when you forget a bag and need to take a plastic one. What difference does it even make?

Going back to my childhood hero team, each of the 5 humans were entrusted with a ring by Gaia, the spirit of the earth. Using these rings to combine their powers, they’d summon Captain Planet, who would always send it out to us watching at home, “The power is yours!” So, let’s harness this power, not only as individuals doing our part but collectively – we must come together to be a more sustainable community and have a more significant impact. 

One collective place we can do this is in the office. Without being overwhelmed, we can start making sustainable choices for a better workplace, and ultimately a better world for us all. As a small business, we looked at how to make those changes, starting with everyday items and have been shifting to these more sustainable options. Here are some of the steps we’ve been taking:

Where possible, choose to support Aussie brands that have taken the time to develop high-quality, sustainable products with bio-degradable packaging. Using local products has the added benefit of reducing transport emissions from importing goods. There are plenty out there – browse the SustainabilityTracker.com members list.

“We are Planeteers, you can be one too. Cos saving the planet is the thing to do. Looting and polluting is not the way, hear what Captain Planet has to say – the Power is yours!” 

Article by Kristy Tong

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