100% Sass, 0% Waste (almost). Skincare and the Environment.

by Sasse Skin 01/02/2022

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Did you know that the skincare industry produces approximately 120 billion pieces of packaging per year? No surprise then that with the planet in a bit of a pickle, some changes need to be made. The ice is melting, the waters are rising and there are vast amounts of plastic waste whirling through our oceans.

We get it. It’s the norm to pack products into plastic containers (that won’t decompose for another 1000 years, not kidding!). It’s the norm to pack those plastic containers into cellophane, then a cardboard box, and sometimes throw in a little plastic spoon for good measure.

We agree that packaging products in this way makes it easier to transport and looks pretty sweet, but we think our planet is more important that a product looking nice until the customer takes it home and unwraps it. Excess packaging not only creates excess waste, but also contributes to deforestation, increased water consumption and CO2 emissions and actually makes the product more expensive to purchase. Yikes.

Sasse Skin is making the extra effort to be a greener skincare brand.

 We’re all in this together, right? Sasse Skin tries to make it as easy as possible for our customers to do good and feel good. Here are a few tips on levelling up your environmental awareness around skincare.

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by Sasse Skin

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