Anston EcoPebble: Concrete pavers that contain recycled waste materials

by SVC Products Pty Ltd 16/01/2024

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Concrete pavers have long been a staple in landscaping and construction, offering versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Traditionally, however, the production of concrete pavers has raised concerns about environmental impact. The industry has been grappling with issues related to resource depletion, energy consumption, and high carbon emissions, prompting a growing demand for sustainable alternatives.

The need for sustainable paving solutions

As environmental consciousness continues to rise, the spotlight falls on the sustainability of construction materials. Current paving products, whether they are made from concrete, natural stone or porcelain, often rely heavily on virgin materials, which contributes to resource depletion and increased carbon footprints. 

Anston, a Melbourne-based manufacturer renowned for luxury concrete paving products, has recently addressed these concerns head-on with the launch of its EcoPebble concrete range, which incorporates recycled waste products into its manufacturing process.

Anston EcoPebble concrete

EcoPebble is an innovative solution that not only marks a significant stride in sustainable manufacturing, but also brings a myriad of benefits for designers, installers, and end users alike. EcoPebble products are 100% Australian sourced and produced in Melbourne using a blend of local and recycled materials, including post-consumer soft plastic waste and industrial by-products that are harmful in their untreated form. 

By incorporating these materials into concrete landscaping products, Anston not only reduces its consumption of virgin raw materials but also diverts waste from landfills, easing the burden on the environment.

Benefits for designers, installers and end users alike

Designers now have a sustainable solution at their fingertips with the EcoPebble range. Available in four beautiful colours, EcoPebble offers the same premium quality and luxury finish associated with the Anston brand. With plentiful sizes and product options available, the design possibilities are endless for designers, whether they are working on contemporary urban spaces or classic formal gardens. The environmental gains of EcoPebble and its percentage of recycled content can also help designers achieve higher overall sustainability scores for their landscape project.

Installation efficiency is a key concern for professionals in the construction and landscaping industry. Anston’s EcoPebble products are constructed in the same way as the rest of the standard range, allowing contractors to keep to their tried-and-true installation processes. The EcoPebble concrete mix designs also demonstrate higher compressive strength and breaking load characteristics, enhancing the overall durability of the paved surface and reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

For end users, the benefits of choosing Anston EcoPebble are twofold. The pavers will undoubtedly enhance the visual appeal of outdoor spaces, providing a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution for their garden, pool or patio. Simultaneously, the conscious decision to opt for a product containing recycled materials aligns with the growing desire for environmentally responsible choices.

Joining the Sustainable Movement with Anston

As Melbourne embraces a more sustainable future, Anston’s EcoPebble range stands as a testament to the possibilities within the local manufacturing scene. Designers, installers, and end users can now actively contribute to a greener tomorrow by choosing a product that not only elevates the visual landscape but also treads lightly on the environment.
To explore the EcoPebble concrete range and learn more about Anston’s commitment to sustainability, visit Anston’s website and make a conscious choice for a more sustainable future today.

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by SVC Products Pty Ltd

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