Country Road’s 2023 ‘Climate Fund’ Could Help Your Business

by Sustainable Choice Group 04/10/2023

A Sustainability Journey, Fashion and Clothing

This article has been written and supplied by Country Road.

Applications for the Country Road Climate Fund will open on Monday 09 October 2023 via the Country Road website.

The Climate Fund was launched in October 2022, committing $1.5 million in grant funding over three years. In our first year, we granted $547,000 across three organisations. You can read more about the projects here

The Country Road Climate Fund is a philanthropic grants program that aims to support projects that mitigate climate change, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions (directly or indirectly) and building climate resilience across four key pillars: 

Biodiversity – Protecting or restoring nature (for example, a conservation project on a wool farm aimed at improving the state of biodiversity) 

Circularity – Reimagining the textile life cycle from a take, make and dispose mindset to an avoid, reduce, reuse, and recycle model (for example, a project that enables garment renewal or on-shore textile recycling) 

First Nations – Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-led projects and partnerships (for example, a First Nations organisation working with local cotton farmers to implement traditional land management practices) 

Innovation – Unique, disruptive, and game-changing technologies and ideas shifting the face of the fashion industry (for example, a technology that dramatically improves the carbon footprint of local manufacturing)  

Country Road recognise there are many existing and innovative climate solutions that lack the finance to be developed or deployed across the fashion industry. The aim of the Country Road Climate Fund is to bridge this financing gap by investing in, incubating and accelerating climate solutions in the Australian fashion industry.

Think you might be eligible?

Further information on the fund can be found here or by contacting

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by Sustainable Choice Group