Cracking climate communications: how companies can get it right

by South Pole Australia 18/01/2024

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We’re all familiar with philosophy’s favourite thought experiment: ‘if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?’ Now let’s apply the same thinking to climate action. If a company takes climate action but doesn’t communicate about it, does anyone know it happened? No, and that means the opportunity for impact, engagement and learning has been missed.

So, while we prefer to keep trees standing (because of their amazing carbon storage benefits) there is a lot we can learn from this hypothetical scenario when it comes to the benefits of communicating about climate action – and the risks of keeping quiet.

South Pole’s 2022 Net Zero Report revealed that one in four companies taking climate action are ‘greenhushing’, or choosing not to publicise their climate progress. To avoid this pitfall and empower you to start, or continue, your climate communications journey with confidence, this blog looks at why companies should communicate their climate action and how to get it right.

Why should I communicate my companies climate action?

Showing progress, celebrating achievements and acknowledging challenges is pivotal to reaching global net zero as quickly as possible. Here’s why companies should communicate the climate action they are taking: 

How do I get my communications right?

Effective climate communication, whether by a seasoned climate leader or a beginner, serves to inspire, lead, engage, and have a lasting impact. Three principles can guide you towards achieving this:

So, which companies are communicating climate action well?

Achieving global net zero requires us to use every tool in our toolbox: that also means collaborative effort from every company and industry. While constructive scrutiny is always essential, we must also remember to acknowledge those who are choosing to take voluntary action and celebrate victories along the way. Let’s make sure that every time climate action is taken, the world hears about it.

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Article by Tara Oakley Head of Commercial Oceania and Lucy Curtin, Global Asso. Dir., Communications, Engagement and Leadership

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by South Pole Australia

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