Empowering domestic violence survivors through communication

by DV Safe Phone 19/05/2023

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May is recognised as Domestic and Family Violence Awareness Month in Australia, shedding light on the alarming reality that one woman loses her life to domestic violence every week in the country. Amidst the tragedy, workplaces often become the sole refuge for victims seeking respite from violence. Therefore, it becomes crucial for companies, irrespective of their size, to actively raise awareness about domestic violence and equip their staff with knowledge about available resources for seeking help.

DV Safe Phone: A Lifeline for Victims

Australian charity DV Safe Phone has played a pivotal role in supporting over 5,000 victims of domestic violence by providing them with a “safe phone” that enables them to reach out for help and stay connected with their loved ones. However, to sustain this essential service, DV Safe Phone relies on financial support from compassionate individuals and businesses.

The Cost of Empowerment

Every phone provided by DV Safe Phone requires an average cost of $75. This amount covers expenses such as phone repairs, pairing the device with a SIM card, providing credit, and covering postage fees. The organisation dispatches over 70 phones each week to domestic violence survivors. Joining forces and contributing to this cause can ensure that DV Safe Phone continues to protect and empower survivors by providing them with functional phones, ensuring that no call for help goes unanswered.

Supporting the Cause

DV Safe Phone is a registered charity in Australia, and any donations exceeding AUD$2 are tax-deductible. You or your business’ support can make an incredible difference in the lives of those who need it most. By partnering with DV Safe Phone, not only do you help provide tangible assistance to survivors, but you also fulfil several Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) deliverables. For more information on the benefits of corporate collaboration, visit:  https://dvsafephone.org/corporate

Stand Together, Make a Difference

Let us stand united and make a remarkable difference in the lives of those experiencing domestic violence. Raising awareness about this critical issue and supporting organisations like DV Safe Phone, can create a safer and more compassionate society for everyone. Together, we can ensure that no survivor feels isolated or helpless, and that every cry for help receives a response.

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by DV Safe Phone

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