Europcar’s ARENA Funding to Drive Electric Vehicle Adoption in Australia and Lead the Way in Sustainability

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Europcar Mobility Group, one of the world’s leading rental car companies, is set to make a significant impact on Australia’s electric vehicle (EV) landscape. Partnering with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), Europcar’s ambitious program aims to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles across the country. The project, supported by a $4.76 million grant from ARENA, will see the deployment of thousands of electric rental vehicles and the expansion of charging infrastructure.

Under the Driving the Nation Fund, Europcar Mobility Group Australia/New-Zealand plans to utilize the ARENA funding to build 256 fast-charging stations across at least 41 sites. These sites include major airports, metropolitan hubs, and regional areas, facilitating the deployment of approximately 3,100 extra passenger electric rental vehicles over the next three years.

The project’s focus will be on key airports in Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth, enabling immediate zero-emissions vehicle options for short-term rentals. By prioritizing these locations, Europcar aims to provide a seamless transition to electric rental vehicles, encouraging both individual and business customers to experience the benefits of EVs.

Benoit Garel, Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand at Europcar Mobility Group, emphasized the project’s importance, calling it a “game-changer” that will make EVs accessible to thousands of customers at price points comparable to diesel vehicles. Garel highlighted Europcar’s commitment to sustainability and the decarbonization of transport, stressing the significance of this initiative in promoting the use of electric and hybrid vehicles.

Europcar Mobility Group is a leader in sustainability and the decarbonization of transport globally, with a market-leading range of products, including the myEuropcar subscription service and other customer-centric innovations aimed at promoting the use of electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid vehicles. By spearheading this initiative, Europcar is not only providing an environmentally friendly transportation option but also leading the way in sustainable business practices.

Furthermore, Europcar intends to operate these electric vehicles for up to two years before reselling them in the second-hand car market through their dealer network. This move will increase the availability and variety of second-hand EVs, thereby lowering the cost barrier for EV adoption in Australia.

Garel noted that Europcar’s research shows Australians are curious and willing to try EVs, and this project will help break down barriers preventing them from making the switch. By making EVs more affordable and accelerating the rollout of charging stations, Europcar aims to demonstrate the benefits of EVs in terms of both the driving experience and emissions reduction.

In addition to benefiting individual customers, Europcar’s initiative presents a significant opportunity for Australian businesses to lower their emissions. With an increased availability of electric rental vehicles, businesses can achieve their emissions reduction targets more effectively.

ARENA CEO Darren Miller praised Europcar’s project, highlighting the pivotal role rental car businesses play in promoting EV adoption. Miller emphasized the importance of providing consumers with access to affordable electric vehicles and the relevant charging infrastructure. He expressed optimism about the project’s potential to further drive EV adoption in Australia.

Europcar Mobility Group Australia/New-Zealand is partnering with Ampol to procure, install, and operate the 256 electric vehicle chargers with smart charging capabilities across 41 Europcar-operated sites Australia-wide. This collaboration underscores the collective effort to build a sustainable, electric future for Australia’s rental car industry.

The Europcar-ARENA partnership marks a significant step forward in Australia’s transition to electric vehicles. By increasing the availability of electric rental vehicles and expanding charging infrastructure, the project aims to make EVs more accessible and affordable, driving towards a cleaner, greener transportation future. Europcar’s commitment to sustainability sets a standard for the rental car industry, demonstrating that environmentally friendly practices can also be economically viable and commercially successful.

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