Five free ways to reduce toxins in your home

by Made By Fressko 31/03/2023

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It can be quite a daunting prospect trying to detoxify our entire household but, a few small steps can make a positive impact, and they don’t have to break the bank. When we talk about reducing your toxic load, we’re not merely suggesting that you turn down that glass of prosecco or lock away that block of chocolate and throw away the key. What we actually mean is making the small changes in your daily life that can positively affect your mind, mood and overall general well-being. We’ve made a few FREE suggestions below.

Take your shoes off indoors

This is custom among Asian cultures, with many European countries also adopting this approach. I mean, it speaks for itself, the benefits are twofold. First off, it saves on cleaning, whilst potentially extending the life of your carpets! Win-win. But more than that, shoes actually contain more bacteria than a toilet seat (gross). By traipsing daily dirt, germs, food, and probably dog poop around on your shoes, you are essentially welcoming those nasties into your home. So, do yourself a favour and leave those shoes where they belong. At the door.

Swap out your supermarket favourites

We all want to feel like we’re making the best choices for ourselves and our families when it comes to food. We reach for the organic, natural, non GMO products, but do these words actually mean they’re good for us? In some cases, yes, however, most store-bought food items contain additives, preservatives, nasty oils, and flavour enhancers known to cause asthma, hypersensitivity, headaches and migraines, to name a few. Some are also known endocrine disruptors, which interfere with the hormone balance, which can in turn cause cancers (source: NCBI) The most obvious way to avoid these would be to cook food from scratch – although realistically, this isn’t always possible. Reading the labels on your groceries might make you rethink your choices and grab the unassuming jar sitting right next to it. So, if you see the following ingredients listed, your best bet would be avoid, avoid, avoid. The nasties are mostly vegetable oils, flavours, citric acid and thickeners such as soy lecithin. This nifty Instagram account also provides some info on great supermarket alternatives.

Use glass/metal containers to store food & beverages

We know we’re preaching to the choir here, but plastics are just bad bad baaaad. They contain chemicals such as bisphenols (BPA, BPS BPF) which again, are known endocrine disruptors, y’know, the ones that mimic oestrogen in the body? (Source: NIEHS) Not only have they been known to leech into the body, scientists have recently discovered microplastics present in human blood for the first time ever (Source: Environment International Journal). Now, you don’t need to go out and spend your month’s wage replacing every plastic tub with shiny new glass containers, but making the change gradually, one at a time can have a lasting impact. Step one is to replace your single-use water bottle. If there ever was a time to do it, now is it! (Hello, Fressko original glass and Stainless steel infuser flask)

If you don’t have the pennies to do so, at the very least make sure any food is cold before storing in plastic containers and never, I repeat never heat up food in plastic as this will cause BPA and Phthalates in the plastics to leach into your food – eww.

Switch out your cleaning products

Aside from being harmful to the environment, we also know that common household cleaning products contain potentially harmful toxic chemicals, such as ammonia. Many of which can cause headaches, irritate the eyes or throat and other health problems. But, maintaining a clean home doesn’t necessarily have to involve using nasties. Whilst there are plenty of natural products out there on the market, it’s just as easy to create your own. And the best part? You probably already have most of the ingredients hanging out in your cupboards!  So, time to turf those nasties and whip out those pantry items. Think vinegar and bicarb, heck throw in some essential oils if you happen to have them – they add a delicious aroma, of your choice!

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful!

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