Introducing the Sustainable Transformation Podcast: Walking The Talk With Bared Footwear

by Sustainable Choice Group 13/06/2023

A Sustainability Journey, Fashion and Clothing, Footwear

We are thrilled to launch our first episode of the Sustainable Transformation podcast, featuring an inspiring conversation with Anna Baird, the founder of Bared Footwear. The Sustainable Transformation podcast offers a behind-the-scenes look at the road to sustainability in business. We unpack the ideas that drive change, decode the jargon, and meet visionary leaders who are transforming their organisations for the better. 

In this first episode, our host Kiarne Treacy sits down with Anna to discuss Bared Footwear’s initiatives and efforts to create a more sustainable future. Renowned for their meticulous quality and fashion-forward styles infused with comfort, Bared Footwear has made significant strides towards reducing their environmental impact. They are Australia’s first B Corp certified footwear brand and have made waves in the industry for fifteen years with their unwavering commitment to sustainability. From their journey through the rigorous B Corp certification process, to the adoption of innovative product materials and technologies like B.plantfoam™ and MIRUM®, to their generous reusable cup initiative in the office, join us in listening to Bared Footwear’s ongoing sustainability efforts and challenges they’ve faced along the way.

Produced by the Nova Entertainment Network, season one will bring new episodes fortnightly and feature guests from Telstra, Energy Locals, Unicharm, Underworks plus many more. Tune in to the Sustainable Transformation podcast, available now on your favourite podcast platforms

by Sustainable Choice Group