Packaging that’s kind to the planet

by Peace Warrior 04/01/2022

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As a business, we seek to mitigate environmental impacts and curb climate change. Accounting for the environment, ethical obligations, and economic sustainability is in our best interest. Resources on this planet are finite. Therefore, we should reduce our impact on the environment.

Many of the environment issues currently faced by our planet are linked to a learned human behavior that treats almost everything we buy and own as disposable, but here at Peace Warrior Tees we believe in sustainability.

We are about our planet and environment and for this reason we are trying to walk lightly by using renewable energy, compostable mailers and labels, eco-friendly inks in our printing and we only buy from ethical and responsible suppliers

All our packaging is made from plant based renewal material and when we are shipping out our amazing products to you, you can be assured that all our products are packaged in a way to reduce waste.

Our product garment bags, mailers, sticky tape and labels are compostable, you, the customer are able to use this in the garden, which is great for the environment, using this sort of packaging helps avert organic waste from landfill and it helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The benefit of our packaging is that it can be recycled into nutrient-rich compost, which in turn is great for the garden and the planet. It is recommended that you cut the bags into strips as it helps it compost quicker and the worms love to eat it.

Buying small and local can offer an alternative to buying from big chain stores who aren’t usually very sustainable in their practices. This applies to everything from food to furniture to arts and crafts. By buying local from us here at Peace Warrior Tees, you too are treading lightly on the earth.

Sustainability is a choice – you can buy the mass produced $10 t-shirt, or you can purchase one that is reducing the carbon footprint, both of the company that produces the t-shirt and of the generation that wears it. It is a choice.

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by Peace Warrior

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