Safcol Australia Nominated for AFR Sustainability Leaders Awards: Decoding Sustainability Leadership

by Safcol 28/11/2023

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Safcol’s recent nomination for the Australian Financial Review Sustainability Awards prompts us to delve into what it all means…

What is the award for?

As described on the AFR website, ‘The Australian Financial Review ‘Sustainability Leaders’ list sets out to celebrate the Australian companies that are making real progress in tackling sustainability challenges – and delivering business value along the way.

To identify Australia’s ‘Sustainability Leaders’, the Financial Review has partnered with BCG, which works with businesses, governments, and social enterprises to accelerate their climate and sustainability journey by identifying and harnessing climate innovation, embedding sustainability at scale, and capturing the value clients create. 

Whether your organisation is a disruptive game changer with a single-minded sustainability mission, or a big corporate transforming itself from the inside out, tell us about your most impactful sustainability innovation, and we’ll showcase the best in front of the Financial Review’s 3.5 million readers.’

What does it mean for Safcol?

Safcol Australia has been on a journey since 2011 to change the way we do business by reimagining the strategy and business model to improve competitiveness, robustness, & resilience of advantage to environmental and societal trends. 

How Safcol went…

Safcol Australia received the following assessment from Australian Financial Review and BCG.

‘Safcol Australia has adopted a multi-faceted approach to sustainability by reducing water usage, using renewable energy, and introducing responsible fishing methods. Safcol’s commitment to sustainable fishing practices has reduced marine bycatch by 90%, saving millions of marine creatures annually. The company’s solar-powered facility and upgraded retort machinery have reduced carbon emissions by 240 tonnes annually and water usage by 136 million litres per annum. Safcol recycles packaging materials, including plastic, and is working to reduce waste going to landfills. In addition, Safcol supports Australian farmers by sourcing local produce and provides employment opportunities in the region with one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. Through its initiatives, Safcol has set itself apart as a leader in sustainability, driving societal and environmental benefits while producing quality food products at an affordable price for financially-stressed Australians.’

Australian Financial Review and BCG.

Some dimensions sustainability leaders assess are the following:

Environmental & societal benefits

Reduced carbon emissions by 240 tonnes annually, waste by 392 tonnes, and water usage by 136 million litres per annum. Safcol provides 51 jobs in Adelaide with strong audit and compliance policies and third-party audits to combat modern slavery.

Aussie fishermen at the Safcol Fish market in Adelaide.

Business Model Change

Invested $1.7million in efficient water usage technology and solar energy. Safcol has forged new relationships with responsible fishing suppliers and ensured that labour-hire companies it works with do not support slavery and maintain annual third-party audits at its fish cannery.

Industry and market impact

Safcol has had an impact on the industry, being a first mover to responsible fishing in 2011, with other brands moving in 2015. 85% of all canned tuna sold in Australia is now responsibly fished.

Safcol recently reached the 10 year mark of responsible fishing and reducing bycatch

Safcol achieved a level of ‘Ecosystem innovators’ similar to only 11% of Australian industry entrants. The dimensions which applied in this ranking were based on a business-wide sustainability focus and shaping the dynamics of the ecosystem. Safcol was aligned to these dimensions and proud to be among the 11% of Australian companies.

While Safcol may not have won the top award, this achievement is still something to be proud of!

Check out Safcol’s Sustainability Tracker profile HERE.

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by Safcol

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