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by Bamboozld 01/05/2022

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This is a sponsored article from member Bamboozld.

We believe the future is Bamboozld!

Bamboozld was born from a want to express creativity and evolve the journey of bamboo as a fibre to being the most functional natural material in the fight for a more environmentally conscious future.

Why Bamboo?

🎋 It grows rapidly and no chemicals are used in growing or harvesting bamboo, providing a cleaner and safer environment for farm workers.

🎋 When harvested it’s simply cut, removed, and re-grows from the base, leaving the ground undisturbed which reduces soil erosion.

🎋 It produces more oxygen than any equivalent stand of trees.

🎋 It gives farmers a more sustainable source of income that isn’t reliant on the cost of chemicals and machinery needed to plant, maintain and harvest other yearly crops, such as cotton.

The Bamboozld Difference

🧦 All the bamboo fibres Bamboozld use are produced using the Lyocell Method under the REACH and OekoTec 100 standards used across the textile industry.

🧦 Since 2014, Bamboozld has worked with the same family-run businesses to produce our yarn, fabric and finished goods. We’ve worked side-by-side with the same sock factory – watching them grow from a small family operation in a shed, to a business that employs over 100 people and operates under BSCI accreditation. They pay above awards wages with clean and safe working conditions.

Bamboozld and Beyond

Bamboozld will never stop creating revolutionary sustainable products for our customers.

🌏 We’re continuing to move more of our products towards a higher percentage of bamboo as the yarn and fibre technology improves.

🌏 We’ve created the first ever bamboo feather yarn for our fluffy bed socks.

🌏 We’ve added new products in our underwear and sleepwear ranges that utilise new fabric constructions like our bamboo jersey fabric.

Our ultimate goal? To create a sock that can be over 95% bamboo – something we’re currently working on with the development of filament yarns.

Join us on this journey to a more sustainable tomorrow with bamboo.

by Bamboozld

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