Sustainable Transformation Podcast: Graz Van Egmond on the Banksia Awards

by Sustainable Choice Group 17/10/2023

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The Sustainable Transformation Podcast offers a behind-the-scenes look at the road to sustainability in business. We unpack the ideas that drive change, decode the jargon, and meet visionary leaders who are transforming their organisations for the better.

Join us for a fascinating and heartfelt chat with Graz Van Egmond, who has been CEO at the Banksia Foundation for over 25 years. The Banksia Foundation is the world’s longest running sustainability awards program and one of Australia’s most respected and sought after commendations. 

Graz shares the history of the sustainability and ESG landscape from her unique perspective, and how she has seen the sustainability movement evolve from being led predominantly by community groups, attempted by governments, and now steadily driven by business and industry. 

If companies have the largest footprint and consumers have the greatest power, Graz believes industry must lead a more sustainable future, and the Banksia Awards have recognised these companies for 35 years.

Graz Van Egmond of The Banksia Foundation in the studio at Nova Entertainment

If you’ve ever considered nominating for a Banksia award, you won’t want to miss this chat. Graz shares how this program is so much more than just a trophy, it’s a valuable process that gives businesses and community groups of all sizes the opportunity to follow a rigorous framework to benchmark their work, improve over time and be recognised for their progress. 

Applications are currently open for the 35th Banksia Awards, and if you need one more reason to have a go, every single applicant receives feedback from an expert panel of independent judges. The process is designed to be valuable, trophy or not. Click HERE to find our more about the Banksia Awards.

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Main article image sourced via the Banksia Foundation website.

by Sustainable Choice Group