Sustainable Transformation Podcast: Can disposable nappies actually be designed more sustainably? with Unicharm

by Sustainable Choice Group 03/10/2023

A Sustainability Journey

The Sustainable Transformation Podcast offers a behind-the-scenes look at the road to sustainability in business. We unpack the ideas that drive change, decode the jargon, and meet visionary leaders who are transforming their organisations for the better.

Join us for an open conversation with Matthew Chester and Ruri Morris from Unicharm Australasia. In this episode, Kiarne delves into their flagship nappy brand BabyLove and uncovers the realities of tackling sustainability in a business that specialises in single-use products.

With landfill an obvious agenda item, the trio discusses how BabyLove addresses their entire product lifecycle, from responsible extraction of raw materials, designing for reduced waste, smarter packaging, powering with renewables and importantly, the health and wellbeing of the customer.

They talk about what’s involved in building a company-wide sustainability strategy for a global giant, and share insights into the perks of adopting and sharing local best practices with their international counterparts. 

Matthew Chester and Ruri Morris of Unicharm / BabyLove in the Nova Podcast Studio

In a frank discussion centred around consumer perception vs true sustainable alternatives, they unpack the facts about biodegradable nappies, recycling and soft plastics. Plus, find out why BabyLove’s early attempts at an eco-nappy in 2007 didn’t take off, and why now is the right time to transform the industry.

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Produced by the Nova Entertainment Network, season one will bring new episodes fortnightly and feature guests from Country Road, Energy Locals, Unicharm, Telstra, Bared Footwear plus many more. Tune in to the Sustainable Transformation podcast, available now on your favourite podcast platforms

by Sustainable Choice Group