Sustainable Transformation Podcast with Good360 Australia | Transforming Surplus into Substance

by Sustainable Choice Group 18/06/2024

A Sustainability Journey

$2.5 billion worth of brand-new excess goods end up wasted or landfilled in Australia every year, according to Deloitte Access Economics. To put this statistic into perspective, if this waste were a company, it would be the 6th largest retailer by market capital in Australia. (Source). 

Luckily, Good360 Australia is one of the front liners leading the charge in connecting surplus goods of businesses to people in need Australia-wide and making the complexities of meaningful giving, simple. In 2023, Good360 prevented 6,562 tonnes of goods from going to waste, and supported 384.8 million Australians in the process.

This week, Kiarne sits down with Good360 Australia Founder and Managing Director, Alison Covington AM for an eye-opening conversation about the challenges a charitable organisation faces in today’s cost of living crisis. As well as the massive opportunities for businesses to donate instead of destroy, and contribute meaningfully and sustainably to communities in need. 

Key Discussion Points

From Transport to Charity: Alison Covington AM’s journey in making a positive impact in the lives of millions of Australians through her organisation. A tour of Good360 Australia, and the ever-growing demand and importance of funding. 

Responsibility and Logistics: Breaking down the misconceptions around ‘giving’ – offloading versus meaningful donations. The cost of burden on a community and how to think critically about extending the life of excess goods. 

Growth and Inventory: The opportunity for businesses to find and use the ‘magic green button’ to sweep excess inventory into the right hands and understand the supply chain of goods. How Good360 can help.

Demand and Report: The dual benefits of partnering with charitable organisations to improve ESG claims and create collaboration within local communities. Now is the time to get organised.

Who can help and How: Post-christmas there was a 400% increase in demand from charities asking for support with the cost of living crisis affecting more Australians. The way Good360 can direct and support individuals and businesses looking to help.

Advice and Business: Moving forward together, evolving the space and finding the right fit for your business. 


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by Sustainable Choice Group