Sustainable Transformation Podcast with Sustainability Victoria | Striving for Circularity with Matt Genever

by Sustainable Choice Group 30/04/2024

A Sustainability Journey, Services, Social & Environmental Services

The Sustainable Transformation Podcast offers a behind-the-scenes look at the road to sustainability in business. We unpack the ideas that drive change, decode the jargon, and meet visionary leaders transforming their organisations for the better.

Circularity is not just a buzzword but one of the most important aspects of sustainable development in businesses and communities. This week, we’re joined by Sustainability Victoria’s Chief Executive Officer, Matt Genever who gives us a deeper dive into the topic of circular economies and shares his insights into what Sustainability Victoria is doing to lead the charge. 

As a career professional with over twenty years in the sustainability sector, Matt breaks down what a truly circular economy really looks like and the action of transforming necessity into sustainability – plotting the journey of material through the economy to achieve its highest utility. 

We learn about the history behind Sustainability Victoria, making strides with businesses, households and communities in starting the conversation and implementing sustainable practices. We discuss the importance of product stewardship, the value of education and engagement with our Federal Government and industry sectors, and take a look at the next generation of business leaders and the proactive ways in which sustainability can start with you. 

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Produced by the Nova Entertainment Network, season two brings new episodes featuring guests from Edge Impact, Who Gives A Crap, Volvo and plenty more. Don’t forget to check out season one to hear interviews with Coles, Country Road, Energy Locals, Banksia Foundation, Telstra, Bared Footwear plus more. Tune in to the Sustainable Transformation podcast, available now on your favourite podcast platforms

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