The benefits of organic bamboo underwear

by Boody 01/01/2022

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As we become more aware of the significant and deeply consequential impacts the fashion industry is having on our environment, a change in our consumerist-driven ways is well overdue. While this thinking has been at the forefront of our brand and the desire to create your everyday essentials in a sustainable way – it’s never too late to make the move and join us on the journey. 

While the facts may be hard to digest, it’s now more important than ever that we listen. Here, in Australia, 6000 kilograms of textile waste is deposited into landfill every 10 minutes. That statistic alone should be enough to inspire us all to start shopping smarter.

Start Your Eco Journey, With Your Top Drawer 

Ahh, you’re top drawer – an easy and great place to start your eco swaps. Make the switch to sustainable underwear and discover our collection –  that is good for you and the planet. Because we think there’s no better time than now to throw in some certified organically grown bamboo underwear into your daily mix. 

Between their breathable nature to being an alternative to synthetic materials— bamboo is the best kind of underwear to wear for your health and comfort. So close that underwear drawer and let’s get going! Here are some of our top reasons to start wearing underwear made of organically grown bamboo.


Did you know? Your skin is the largest organ for absorption, so what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it. No pesticides, insecticides or fertilisers – bamboo is naturally organic and doesn’t require chemicals to enhance its growth. Bamboo fibre smoothly falls into place in its weave, leaving gaps open for air to flow freely. Made out of eco-friendly material, our underwear is soft and breathable where you need it most. Discover more about the benefits of bamboo in clothing here.

Anti-bacterial & Moisture Wicking 

Bamboo contains an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal bio-agent which is retained through the process of fabrication and after washing. This property also makes Boody garments odour-resistant. This is so important because the structure of the bamboo fibres contains micro-gaps, which provide ventilation and evaporates moisture that causes bacteria to multiply.  

Not only is organic bamboo underwear breathable, but the fabric is also more naturally moisture wicking and absorbent than other materials— which leaves you feeling fresh and dry throughout the day. Fun fact: Bamboo fibre is naturally absorbent and speedily wicks away moisture – up to four times faster than cotton.

So Soft, So Comfy

We don’t want to brag BUT we have our community letting us know how much they love our underwear because it is so soft and comfy – regularly. This compliment is often followed with ‘but how?’ Viscose from bamboo can be compared to some of the most luxurious fabrics like silk! Bamboo fabric is extremely durable yet still has a natural soft and silky feel to the touch. Bamboo fibres are smooth and round and contain a natural ingredient called pectin that helps enhance its soft texture. The fabric drapes elegantly without wrinkling. Bamboo fibre gets softer and softer as it’s washed. This is because bamboo fibres line up, rather than move out of position.

Underwear That Cares For You and The Planet

Fact: Bamboo absorbs carbon dioxide and releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than the equivalent area of trees. Bamboo is a crucial element in the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This makes bamboo excellent for absorbing greenhouse gases and producing clean, fresh oxygen. At Boody, bamboo is the foundation for everything we make. It’s our choice for sustainability, comfort, health and wellness.

You Can Measure Your Environmental Impact With Us 

You’ll notice each of our products have an impact index. An impact index is a tool that calculates the environmental impact of each product. By measuring our own environmental footprint, we can let our community know and understand environmental savings when better practices are used. 

Written by Stephanie Audino.

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by Boody

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