The ‘wildlife’ socks helping to protect endangered animals

by Underworks 23/11/2023

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Underworks have joined forces with WWF-Australia to create the Wildlife Collection. where 5% of each sale will go towards supporting WWF’s goal to Regenerate Nature by 2030, an initiative that works to protect endangered animals such as the koala and tiger.

Underworks has also pledged a monetary donation to WWF over two years, regardless of how many socks are sold. The donation will help WWF’s vital conservation work to protect endangered species, including efforts to double koala numbers on Australia’s east coast by 2050, through restoring their habitat and protecting them against disease. 

The funds will also go towards helping wildlife abroad facing similar threats, including protecting tiger habitats. “Underworks is excited to partner with WWF to bring Aussies a new range of socks with a meaningful twist,” Underworks Founder and CEO Sam Todaro said. 

“When you purchase an item in our new Wildlife Collection, you’re not just getting a pair of socks – you’re helping to raise funds for conservation efforts and in turn, becoming a part of a larger movement committed to wildlife protection and conservation.” 

Underworks x WWF range

Australia has the worst mammal extinction rate in the world. The catastrophic bushfires in 2019-20 impacted nearly 3 billion animals and pushed them further towards extinction. Currently, more than 500 native animals are at risk of being lost forever. 

WWF-Australia’s Head of Regenerative Country Darren Grover said bold actions were needed to stop koalas and other endangered species from sliding towards extinction. 

“Koala numbers on Australia’s east coast have crashed by more than 50% in the past 20 years due to the impacts of habitat loss, disease and climate change. There is still time to save this Aussie icon if we work together to protect and restore their forest homes,” he said. 

“We’re pleased to be collaborating with Underworks to raise much-needed funds and awareness for koalas and other endangered species. 

“We hope to educate customers about the threats facing wildlife here in Australia and around the world, while giving them an outlet to make a real difference.” 

The socks, which come in various colours and endangered animal prints, are made from 97% recycled fibres. Underworks is also paving the way for Australian apparel when it comes to sustainability, with the brand setting its sights on using 100% recycled fibres by 2030.

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by Underworks

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