What being an eco friendly pet brand means to Doggy Eco: The three Ps

by Doggy Eco 23/08/2022

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What does being eco-friendly mean to you? Well, for us at Doggy Eco, Eco Friendly extends far beyond the products we produce to include the people who manufacture our products and the lifecycle impact of our products.

We’re proud to be an Australian family owned eco-friendly pet brand and are always working hard to create the most engaging eco-friendly dog toys and sustainable dog products. Since the creation of Doggy Eco we have seen a multitude of brands using the term; ‘Eco Friendly’ to market products appealing to the morally conscious consumer. This is amazing! But it is still important to know what is meant by this term.

Is a product’s Eco-Friendliness limited to the textile used, it’s recyclability or whether it has been ethically produced? We like to think it incorporates all of these factors. At Doggy Eco we design each of our products with the 3 P’s in mind; People, Planet and Purpose.


At Doggy Eco we believe that every person has a right to a healthy, fair and safe workplace.  We’ve partnered with reputable companies to produce our products so that we can ensure that the people making our products do so under favourable conditions. One example of this is the amazing women artisans in Nepal who ethically produce our hand felted Eco Balls.


The planet is first and foremost in our minds when it comes to designing eco-friendly dog toys and sustainable dog products. To evaluate our impact on the environment we consider each product in terms of the 5 lifecycle stages:

  1. Material extraction and farming of raw material
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Packaging and transportation
  4. Use
  5. End of life.

By considering the impact across a product’s entire lifecycle we can evaluate its eco rating and come to the most sustainable option. 


Durability and safety are key concerns for Doggy Eco when it comes to product design. Understanding a textile’s characteristics and aligning this with a products purpose ensures that we can create an exciting dog toy and accessory that is both eco-friendly and safe.  

Being an eco-friendly pet brand involves a holistic approach to processes and products. It means paying particular consideration to the textile used, the manufacturing process and the people making the product. Doggy Eco strives to create eco-friendly dog toys and sustainable dog products to be enjoyed by dogs of all sizes, ages and breeds.

So now a question for you…….. What does eco-friendly mean to you? Is it the textile used? Is it some inclusion of the Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle process? Is it the product lifecycle or the end use of the product?

This is an article from a SustainabilityTracker.com Member. The views and opinions we express here don’t necessarily reflect our organisation.

by Doggy Eco

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