What’s the deal with waterless skincare?

by Sasse Skin 03/07/2022

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Water consumption is a hot topic across most industries, however it is often overlooked when it comes to skincare. With the average skincare product containing 60-85% water, the demand for conscious water consumption has birthed the concept of waterless beauty.

Waterless beauty comes in different forms including oils, powders and balms. They also tend to come in more compact containers as they are usually in a concentrated form which also means less plastic and less shipping fuel. WIN, WIN, WIN. There are many ways you can begin to incorporate waterless products in your routine, from cleansing balms and oils through to powder exfoliators and face oils.

Waterless skincare products can offer elite product performance as active ingredients are increased to compensate the exclusion of water. There is also no need for preservatives in a waterless product which at times can cause irritation for those with sensitive skin.

Currently Sasse Skin’s Manuka Honey Rejuvenating Balm and Waterless Bentonite Clay Mask are completely water free and our Vitamin C Overnight Brightening Treatment has less than 1% water. We’re walking the water-conscious walk, and talking the water-conscious talk.

Waterless products aren’t always feasible, but this is an exciting space in skincare product development that we and many other brands are committed to explore. It is an ever-growing space which is worth keeping an eye on.

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by Sasse Skin

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