7 energy bill saving tips for summer

by Energy Locals 04/02/2023

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Summer is here and so is the heat, but who says you need to break the bank to stay cool? Here are some simple tips to keep your energy bill from overheating:

1. Let Mother Nature do the work for you

Heating and cooling can make up to 40%1 of your power bill. So before turning on the air-conditioning, try opening windows and doors to let in the cool breeze. Additionally, closing blinds and curtains during the day in rooms you’re not using can help prevent the sun’s heat from turning your house into a sauna.

2. Be smart with your air-conditioning

We know it can be tough to survive without it, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be blasting ice-cold air 24/7. Set your air-conditioner to 25-26 degrees and use timers to turn it on only when you need it. For example, instead of having it on all night, set it to turn off 15 minutes after you usually fall asleep.

3. Fans are your friend

Upright or ceiling fans use less than 10% of the energy needed for air-conditioning. So before reaching for the air-con remote, see if a fan can do the trick first. Another fun tip is to make homemade ice packs or fill a spray bottle with cool water to mist yourself throughout the day.

4. Cook outside

Use your barbeque to cook your meals instead of using the oven or stove. This not only saves energy but also adds to the summer vibes.

5. Summer Boredom, Summer Savings

School holidays or spending more time at home? Teach your kids to turn off the lights, take short showers and make sure the TV doesn’t stay on standby.

6. Vacation Mode: Energy Saving

Going on vacation? Turn off your appliances before you go to save energy. If you’re leaving lights on for security reasons, invest in a timer switch, so they only go on at certain times each day, then switch off again later.

7. Switch to Energy Locals

If you’re not with Energy Locals you could be missing out on big savings. We don’t profit on what you use and we carbon offset all your usage, so if you do need to crank the air con for a while you don’t have to feel guilty doing so. Find our more here.

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by Energy Locals

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