Creating Environmental Advocates via an Online Community

by Adorn Cosmetics 31/08/2023

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We love seeing new sustainable brands emerge. They bring new and exciting ways we can consume products or live our lives in more sustainable ways. They also have in tow, a merry band of customers who are committed, like-minded individuals, who provided a platform for the brand’s existence to begin with. 

These are established environmentally conscious citizens that are wonderful advocates for all things sustainability. They are on standby to share their recommendations for living a more eco-aware life whether it be through products or practice. When we direct our messaging to them, we are preaching to the congregation. This is lovely, as our messages are often met with enthusiasm and it makes us feel that we are on the right path….tick!

But how do we create new environmental advocates? What takes a customer from initially being drawn to the bells and whistles of what your product or service offers in isolation, (because they are fabulous) to become a conscious citizen that truly embraces a philosophy of environmental awareness across the circumference of their life? 

There is no question that online communities are perfect for this, but it takes more than just posting photos of sustainable packaging or evocative images of animal conservation to rally the masses. Adorn Cosmetics has evolved its strategy over the years based on core principles that have fostered a genuine shift in thinking; not with a 100% strike rate but with more than when it started. 

Creating champions for environmental conservation through their highly engaged Adorn Exclusive VIP Facebook online community is one of its biggest achievements for the brand’s values. It’s a testament to their commitment to sustainability and their ability to inspire and mobilise their customers and supporters for a common cause. 

Here are some ways in which Adorn Cosmetics has strived to achieved this:

Transparent Sustainability Practices:

Adorn has been transparent about their sustainability practices. They share detailed information about their eco-friendly sourcing, production methods, packaging, and overall commitment to minimising their environmental impact. They have a home page tracker that updates visitors on how much superfluous packaging has been saved from landfill due to its refill program (over 150,000 and counting) since the brand’s inception in 2008. 

Educational Content:

The brand creates and shares educational content about the environmental impact of cosmetics, the benefits of natural and sustainable ingredients, and the importance of making eco-friendly choices. It does this by showing and not telling in simple ways that are easy to integrate into busy lifestyles and that often save consumers money. 

Collaborations with Environmental Organisations:

Partnering with reputable environmental organisations in practical ways shows an applied knowledge of their environmental strategy. Working with Terracycle to recycle used pots, tubes and sachets that prevent landfill, while also creating new products such as outdoor furniture or playground equipment is a constant message that permeates the Adorn online community. 

Customer Engagement:

Adorn encourages their community to share their own eco-friendly practices, tips, and stories. The brand’s Founder, Briony Kennedy has made it a priority to personally interact with customers who are making sustainable choices and highlight their efforts. This affirms their efforts and inspires others to take action.

Incentives for Sustainable Choices:

Incentivising customers who choose sustainable options, such as returning packaging by offering reduced prices for refills and sampling has shifted the way Adorn customers now view the historically wasteful beauty industry. Adorn’s loyalty program rewards its community members with points incentives for posting photo reviews of its sustainable products and how they use them. 

Environmental Awareness and Activism:

Adorn has taken a public stance on environmental issues, advocating for positive change and inspiring their community to do the same. Creating awareness campaigns for community members to participate in and share, promotes a sense of belonging and encourages community members to actively participate. Executing campaigns for Earth Day, Plastic Free July or National Recycling Week are opportunities for Adorn to reengage with its customers and drive its sustainability messaging in meaningful ways. 

Regular Updates:

Adorn keeps their community informed about its ongoing efforts to improve sustainability. They share information about new eco-friendly packaging releases but also what other brands are doing, or suggesting new ways Adorn customers can improve sustainability practices at home. 

Feedback and Input:

Adorn actively seeks feedback and input from their community members on sustainability initiatives, product development, and other relevant topics. This inclusive approach makes the community feel valued and heard. For example, if a sustainable pot or tube is not working or providing the best experience for its customers, Adorn will look to replace it with a better option that still meets is sustainability values, while providing the best possible product performance for its customers.  

It’s inspiring to see organisations like Adorn leveraging their online communities to drive positive change and create champions for environmental conservation. As with any successful endeavour, ongoing communication, transparency, and a genuine commitment to the cause are key drivers in this result. Ultimately Adorn is merely making the most of what it does naturally, but it formalises its activities and looks to its community to take the lead wherever it can; and isn’t that really the goal?   

Find out more about Adorn’s Sustainability efforts here.

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by Adorn Cosmetics

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