Sustainable Transformation Podcast with Team Global Express | The Road to Sustainable Logistics

by Sustainable Choice Group 02/07/2024

A Sustainability Journey

In Australia, the transport sector makes up 19% of emissions, with the projection to become the largest producer of emissions by 2030. (Source).

Fortunately, Team Global Express – formally known as Toll Global Express – has committed to tackling decarbonisation and improving sustainable development  for the entire business.

With an ambitious goal of becoming the most sustainable transport and logistics solutions provider across Australia and New Zealand, Team Global Express is transforming their operations for the better under Heather’s leadership.

In this episode, Kiarne sits down with Team Global Express ESG Director, Heather Bone to unpack the state of the industry, tackling tough conversations on the available infrastructure, higher costs and diversifying fuel sources all relevant to shaping a more sustainable logistics.

With decarbonisation being just the tip of the iceberg, Heather and Kiarne discuss what it means to be thrust into an ESG role where the risks seem great and the challenges never-ending. From waste management, packaging, consolidation, and recycling, education and supporting the social fabric of Australia, there are innumerable opportunities for improvement and Team Global Express is driving innovation to meet each one.

Heather shares how great leadership from the c-suite and the board has empowered the team to take ownership at every level.

Key Discussion Points:

Branding and Identity: The history behind the multi-modal logistics provider and the journey in rebranding into who they are today.

Logistics and Decarbonisation: Understanding the metrics behind the terms and creating focused solutions and innovations.

Fuel Sources and Transformation: Looking at the realistic alternatives available and the requirements for different modes of transportation in a sustainable context.

Clarity and Policies: The role of people in transport and achieving ESG on all levels of the business and regions.

Growth and Programs: Educating the community on consumption habits and the wide-spread effects of consumer demand. The programs and infrastructure set in place to alleviate the strain and encourage greater sustainable practices.

Advice and Business: Prioritising materiality assessments and figuring out the greatest risks and opportunities in your business.


Christine Holgate – CEO of Team Global Express


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