The Cosmetics and Skincare industry stripped bare

by Adorn Cosmetics 02/02/2023

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We have been a committed, yet patient pioneer in sustainability of the cosmetics industry since 2008. Over 15 years ago, our founder, Briony Kennedy envisioned a brand of cosmetics and skincare that was not only good for people, but kind to the planet. Despite the slow evolution of sustainable manufacturing processes, Briony has maintained her vision to see a full cycle sustainable cosmetics brand, and has been quick to adopt these processes as they became realities.

We reflect on her early vision. “I knew I wanted to bring to market, a range of cosmetics that had minimal impact on carbon footprint, had a positive approach to reusing and refilling cosmetic packaging  and empowered its customers to take up the environmentally conscious ethos of Adorn. Unfortunately, many of those processes or raw product elements didn’t exist at the time, so we have been waiting for the cosmetics industry to catch up with what we knew was possible.” 

Trying to educate a market of consumers that have always been seduced by an industry that has encouraged embellished packaging, unnecessary ingredients and superfluous products has also been a lesson in patience and commitment to a cause. “I hate waste and the unnecessary use of environmental resources and I knew that if I could find a way to educate consumers and show them how to embrace a more sustainable approach to beauty and skincare in simple ways, then Adorn would eventually find its tribe,” Briony recollects.

And find its tribe we did. We now have a highly engaged and devoted following that actively participates in refilling their products and returning packaging for recycling that cannot be refilled.  Through Terracycle, ‘Adorners’ (Adorn devotees) can send the majority of their used (non-refillable) Adorn packaging back to us where they can be recycled into such things as playground equipment.  Since 2008 our refillable range of natural cosmetics has saved over 140,000 pots and bottles from landfill.

Briony is proud of how our VIP Facebook group actively shares their caring and conscious attitudes when using our products. “Our followers will often share photos of how they have reused our environmentally friendly wrapping paper and the extent they will go to extract the last morsels of product out of a tube or pot, to minimise waste. I have been impressed with their creativity and ingenuity to say the least.”

We found that customers were at first disillusioned with eco-friendly or sustainable products, being more expensive, however our zero-waste refill program provides cost savings to customers due to the reduction in packaging.  In a time when many people are struggling with cost of living increases, it has been amazing that we can provide an alternative but still enable customers to maintain their wellbeing while being kind to the planet. 

“Adorn is a rare brand that give multiple touch points for customers to engage and feel good about themselves and the environment. Our conscious and kind mantra extends to animals with our Cruelty Free, Palm Oil Free and Vegan certifications, and being Australian Made and Owned means we are committed to supporting Australian business and industry,” Briony says.

All of this is the culmination of 15 years of passion and commitment to revolutionise an industry in dire need of redirection. We are proud of doing things better and is testament to the quoined phrase, patience is a virtue.

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by Adorn Cosmetics

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