Why you should invest in bamboo bedding

by Linen House 12/12/2022

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Curious about bamboo bedding?

This eco-friendly and renewable fibre not only improves your sleep, but also the environment.

Known for its durability, bamboo is an eco-friendly and natural resource that withstands numerous climates.

And while the plant itself has somewhat of an unwelcome reputation in domestic gardens, this extraordinary bed linen fabric is enjoying a serious status surge – and it’s easy to see why.

Find out why everyone’s gushing over our bamboo sheet sets.

5 impressive facts about the bamboo plant

  1. Thousands of bamboo plant species exist worldwide, making it a wonderfully natural resource across industries like forestry, furniture, paper, textiles, bioenergy, hospitality, automative, recreation, electronics, farming, construction and medicine.
  2. Mightier than the entire Marvel superhero crew, it survives harsh wind and snow and reflects up to 95% of ultraviolet rays – boom!
  3. It offers farmers rapid growth without the drag of replanting, therefore economically attractive and easy to cultivate.
  4. Bamboo contains natural pesticides, which cuts out the nasty substances for growing.
  5. Some bamboo plants are edible, making a tasty accent to loads of Asian-inspired dishes.

5 reasons to invest in bamboo bedding

  1. It’s naturally antimicrobial (bacteria-inhibiting), therefore a fabric frontrunner for allergy sufferers and those of us with sensitive skin.
  2. Bamboo is ultra-absorbent, making it a natural temperature and odour regulator.
  3. It’s naturally insulating, making it an all-season winner for hot or cool shut-eye sessions.
  4. Bamboo feels like silky clouds of heaven, making your sleep an immensely luxurious experience, not to mention, the drape itself perfectly lustrous.
  5. Investing in anything bamboo helps to protect our earth, so you not only reap the rewards of next-level sleep, but also feel-good vibes from doing your bit.

Let’s blow bamboo’s horn further, shall we?

Washing and maintaining bamboo bed sheets is economically and physically simpler for our daily routines, only requiring:

  1. A gentle machine wash with minimal soap.
  2. Less frequency in washing due to its antibacterial properties.
  3. Minimal drying time due to its natural absorption and ventilation.

So, keep all the above in mind when looking at your next sheet set investment – bamboo truly is the superhero of bed linen.

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by Linen House

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