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Altina Drinks Sustainability Profile

Altina Drinks specializes in crafting premium non-alcoholic wines that boast unique botanical infusions. Lauded at the World Alcohol-Free Awards, their beverages embody a dedication to quality and health, offering an exceptional experience that rivals alcoholic drinks. Altina aims to foster a new culture around social gatherings, centering on innovation, and the joy of shared experiences without alcohol. The mission of Altina is not only about product innovation but also about shaping a sustainable, health-conscious drinking culture.

About Altina Drinks

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Altina Drinks Sustainability Actions

World AlcoholFree Awards

Altina Drinks has been recognized at the World AlcoholFree Awards for their outstanding nonalcoholic wines, establishing a benchmark in quality and taste in the alcoholfree industry.

Altina Drinks Sustainability Commitments


Launch of Altina Drinks

Founded in 2018, Altina Drinks was established with a clear commitment to changing the drinking culture by providing sophisticated, zeroalcohol beverages, integrating health and enjoyment.

About Altina Drinks

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Sustainable Development Goals

Altina Drinks is committed to advancing these Global Goals to promote prosperity for people & planet.


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