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Responsibility at the touch of a button

Bosch appliances are manufactured with particular care for resources. You can take responsibility for the environment at the touch of a button as you do the housework. And even our most environmentally friendly home appliances are still uncompromisingly powerful, of course.

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Bosch Home Appliances Sustainability Commitments


Bosch becomes carbon neutral

Since the end of 2020, all Bosch locations worldwide operate carbon-neutral. Every Bosch product developed and manufactured at our locations is without leaving a carbon footprint behind. As a result, Bosch's global activities do not have a negative impact on the climate. By doing so, we can directly influence the reduction of carbon emissions and make a big impact in a short time.


Recyclability of materials in products

Bosch aims to increase the recyclability of materials used in products to be greater than 80% by 2025. In the long run, Bosch is hoping to further increase the recyclability of materials to more than 95% in 2030.


Bosch will start using of recycled materials in products

One objective Bosch has is to increase the amount of recycled materials used in the production of new products. In 2025, Bosch aims to use more than 25% of recycled materials in products.

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