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Brown & Co Sustainability Profile

Brown & Co is a professional agency with a wealth of experience in environmental schemes, tax planning, and agribusiness consulting. Their team is notably successful with Countryside Stewardship Scheme applications and is proficient in advising on the various environmental schemes available to clients. They have established strong connections with authoritative bodies such as Natural England, ensuring smooth and timely project management. Additionally, Brown & Co offers strategic advice during critical periods of change or re-assessment for farming businesses, focusing on property value, taxation reliefs, and Inheritance Tax planning. Their expertise in Agricultural Property Relief (APR) and Business Property Relief (BPR) underlines their commitment to assisting clients in maximizing value and mitigating tax liabilities for asset transfers. Brown & Co is also knowledgeable about the latest reforms in England's agricultural support, advising on the Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) for 2023 and the transition from the Basic Payment Scheme.

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Brown & Co Sustainability Actions

Expert Stewardship

Brown & Co has a track record of success in Countryside Stewardship Scheme applications, syncing with clients and relevant bodies to ensure well-timed project delivery.

Inheritance Guidance

The team provides in-depth counsel for Inheritance Tax planning, discussing potential reliefs with clients and addressing how to mitigate tax implications before chargeable events.

Valuation Services

They perform formal Red Book valuations to ensure thoroughly justified values, integral for discussions with HMRC or in the event of disputes.

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Brown & Co Sustainability Commitments


Transition Support

Brown & Co is committed to assisting farm businesses with the transition from the Basic Payment Scheme to new income streams like the SFI and CSS before its complete withdrawal in 2028.


Integration Enhancement

The team at Brown & Co anticipates integrating up to 30 additional actions by the end of 2024 to enhance the support provided by environmental schemes.

About Brown & Co

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