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Brownes Dairy Sustainability Profile

Browne's Dairy is prominently established in Western Australia, where the natural beauty of the environment plays a crucial role in the production of their delectable dairy offerings. Recognizing the significant impact of methane emissions from dairy cows, which contribute to around 3% of Australia's greenhouse gases, the company is proactively involved in research and innovative practices aimed at mitigating this issue. With a heritage deeply rooted in the region, Browne's Dairy's commitment to sustainability is at the forefront of its operations, guided by an internal committee dedicated to enhancing the company's environmental footprint. As staunch proponents of community engagement, they also place great value on education through their School Tours program, enriching young minds about dairy nutrition and production.

About Brownes Dairy

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Brownes Dairy Sustainability Actions

Methane Research

Browne's Dairy engages in agricultural research exploring strategies to lower methane emissions from dairy cows, which involves analyzing the effects of various cattle feed compositions.

Community Education

The dairy facilitates School Tours for thousands of students annually, contributing to community awareness and education about milk's nutritional value and its journey from farm to table.

Brownes Dairy Sustainability Commitments


Sustainability Practices

The company has established a sustainability committee tasked with creating and implementing policies that better the company's environmental practices.

About Brownes Dairy

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