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Chobani Sustainability

Food Made Good

At Chobani, we are passionate about reducing our impact on the environment and improving our practices to deliver more sustainable outcomes. Our team continues a journey towards a more sustainable future. We’re not perfect but we always aim to be better. Through our products, our people and our efforts, Chobani is passionate about leading the way. We aim to make a difference with everything we do and encourage others to join us on a journey towards Food Made Good.

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Chobani Sustainability Actions

Working with Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO)

Chobani is an active member of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO). We follow APCO’s Sustainable Packaging Guidelines for all new product developments and have implemented the Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) on all Chobani products. Chobani was awarded the 2020 APCO Industry Sector: Food & Beverage award for the implementation of our Sustainable Packaging Roadmap and for demonstrating our commitment to continuously reviewing and improving packaging sustainability and waste management practices. View our 2021 APCO Action Plan

Improving the Sustainability of our Packaging and Labels

Our team has completed several projects to either reduce our raw material usage, increase recycled content or improve the recyclability of our packaging. We recently increased the recycled content of our shippers by more than 15% and changed all Chobani tubs to in-mould labelling, which has improved their recyclability as both the label and tub are made from the same material. Chobani is always looking for new ways to improve the recycling of our materials. This includes working with Avery Dennison on recovering and recycling our label backing paper through their AD Circular program. Through this program, Avery Dennison partners with companies such as Chobani to close the loop on label waste that cannot be recycled with paper and cardboard.

Recyclable Tubs

All our Chobani pots and tubs are 100% recyclable through Australian kerbside collection systems, including the foil which can be scrunched into a ball and put in the recycling bin.

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Chobani Sustainability Commitments


Reducing Waste Production

Our key initiatives to improve sustainable waste practices start with reducing waste from our manufacturing process as much as possible. This is followed by working to divert waste from landfill through recycling practices. Since 2019, our teams have worked together to divert 225 tons of waste from landfill – that’s equivalent to 56 elephants. A key project that helped achieve this was the segregation of our organic waste to a dedicated stream, allowing this waste to go directly to compost instead of general waste.


Increasing Water Usage Efficiency

Water usage reduction is one of our key focusses in 2021 and beyond. Our team is constantly looking for new ways to reduce our water usage and improve water recovery across our sites and as part of our manufacturing processes.

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About Chobani

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