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Chobani Sustainability Profile

Chobani is not only a pioneer in the yogurt industry but also a steadfast advocate for social impact and sustainability. Beyond creating delicious, nutritious yogurt and oat milk, Chobani leverages its resources and community involvement to tackle food insecurities and aid communities in meaningful ways, placing social responsibility at the core of its business philosophy.

About Chobani

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Chobani Sustainability Actions

Meal Donations Per Product Purchase

In an impactful display of corporate philanthropy, Chobani has a standing initiative where every product sold translates into meal donations.

Partnership with Foodbank

Chobani collaborates with Foodbank to fight food insecurity by distributing meals directly in the communities.

Chobani Sustainability Commitments


HealthConscious Product Range

In 2023, Chobani plans to continue expanding its product line to include healthoriented options, catering to various dietary needs and preferences.


Expansion of Facilities

Chobani disclosed plans for expanding their operational facility in Dandenong, enhancing their capacity to support both local and global community initiatives.

About Chobani

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Sustainable Development Goals

Chobani is committed to advancing these Global Goals to promote prosperity for people & planet.



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