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Cm3 Sustainability Actions

Modern Slavery & Ethical Sourcing

Cm3, as a part of Wesfarmers Industrial & Safety (“WIS”), opposes the use of modern slavery practices and is committed to the ongoing journey of reducing and eradicating the risk of modern slavery practices in supply chains and throughout business operations, both domestically and abroad. Cm3 facilitates Successful, Sustainable & Ethical partnerships across all industries by offering a number of built in tools that can assist the collection of information about Vendors (including Contractors and Suppliers) required to meet reporting requirements under the Modern Slavery Act. Reporting requirements can be achieved with Cm3 through procuring declarations, conducting surveys or audits, reviewing documentation and requesting specific policies and procedures from vendors. Through continuous improvement of Cm3's Modern Slavery & Ethical Sourcing module, Cm3 aims to make regulatory compliance management simpler, more transparent and easier to implement.

Supply Nation Integration

Cm3 is pleased to announce an integration between the Cm3 Marketplace and Supply Nation’s database of Indigenous businesses. Supply Nation is Australia’s premier organisation dedicated to promoting economic advancement and employment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This development allows Clients on Cm3 to find and engage verified Supply Nation businesses that meet their compliance requirements.

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