Farm To Hanger

Foundation Member | Tracking Since November 2022

Farm To Hanger Sustainability Actions

Sustainably-grown Australian Cotton

Our garments are made from pure natural fibres with no synthetics or plastics, which means we don't use any pollutive toxic chemical processes. The 100% cotton fabric we use has been grown in Queensland using best practices to conserve water consumption.

Produced in our Off-Grid Factory

In 2018 we moved from Sydney to regional Victoria where we designed and built our off-grid factory. Made from recycled materials, it's fitted with rainwater tanks and a septic system, and powered by renewable wind energy.

Traceable, Ethical Supply Chain

We are proudly 100% traceable! Each of our suppliers has been carefully chosen for their commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices. The suppliers we work with share our values around creating a more responsible manufacturing industry and ensure their workers are paid a living wage.

Carbon Offset with Positive Impact

We've partnered with Greenfleet to plant one tree for every singe garment purchased.

Made To Order

We follow 'made to order' business model - the most sustainable manufacturing model. It ensures we only use the exact amount of materials and energy that we need, and eliminates wastage for sizes or colours not sold.

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