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Good360 Australia Sustainability Actions

Sustainability is in our DNA

Sustainability is in our DNA and consists of taking a holistic approach to supporting our business and not-for-profit network to achieve environmental, social and economic outcomes. Preventing brand-new goods going to waste We work with more than 450+ businesses to keep usable goods from being thrown away by giving donated products a new life in communities that need them. Fewer greenhouse gas emissions By aiming to distribute donations locally where possible, we reduce emissions by limiting the movement of goods and keeping trucks off the road. Providing sustainable solutions We help businesses achieve zero-waste of usable goods and provide access to needed goods in communities around the country, creating the opportunity for us all to waste less.

Local Store Donation Program

In 2018, we pioneered the Local Store Donation Program to connect the unsold brand new goods of retail stores with local Not for Profits and schools. Working with our partner Big W we connected with 183 stores with more than 300 not- for-profits and disadvantaged schools who received over 3M brand new items including toys, clothing, household and electrical goods. This program continues to grow and we have partnered with other big retail brands including Best & Less and Jeans West, connecting goods to local charities and schools where the retail staff work and live.

Disaster Recovery strategic response

We launched our Disaster Recovery strategic response after the cycle of back-to-back disasters began with the 2019 Black Summer bushfires. Our campaign helped get the right goods, to the right people, at the right time throughout all stages of a disaster providing hope and dignity to communities adversely impacted.

Launching the Good360 Inner Circle and EveryOne Day

Enter 2023 and a new ‘silent’ disaster’ hit our shores - the cost of living crisis. Good360 supported on average 15,000 people every week Australia-wide who were struggling to buy everyday essentials. Following a team-concerted effort, two inaugural launches were celebrated. Good360 Inner Circle, our partner pledge and recognition program; and EveryOne Day - our annual fundraising event.

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