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Hyundai Sustainability Profile

Others talk about change, we're driving it.

Driving that doesn't cost the Earth. Future generations shouldn't have to choose between their cars and their planet. That's why our long-term aim is to be creating vehicles that have as small an impact on the environment as possible, because their powertrains require no fossil fuels, and they emit no CO2 or other pollutants. To make this vision everyone's reality, we spend every day pursuing the technological evolution of efficiency and performance in the form of brilliant, radical, alternative-powered vehicles.

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Hyundai Sustainability Actions

Using new energy sources.

We apply advanced technologies to our models and pursue the technological evolution of efficiency and performance. Through research on emission-free fuel sources and the power of lithium batteries, we've created 3 key powertrains to ensure there is an eco-friendly option to suit every lifestyle.

Electrify your drive.

Harnessing the power of a high-density, lithium-ion battery, electric vehicles offer the perfect transition to zero-emission driving. They’re whisper quiet, expel no carbon emissions, and cost much less per kilometre to run without compromising on torque or instant acceleration.

Hydrogen. The fuel of the future.

Hydrogen fuel cells produce electricity by storing hydrogen under high pressure. They take just a few minutes to fully charge, are whisper quiet, offer excellent fuel economy and emit nothing but pure water, making it by far the cleanest and most sustainable long-term fuel option around.

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Hyundai Sustainability News

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