International Featured Standards

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International Featured Standards Sustainability Profile

IFS Standards are uniform food, product and service standards. They ensure that IFS-certified companies produce a product or provide a service that complies with customer specifications, while continually working on process improvements.

IFS was founded in 2003 under the name International Food Standard. Since then the company, which records an annual growth of 10,9 percent, has expanded its range by six further standards and operates globally. All IFS-related information is published in five primary languages: German, English, Spanish, French and Italian. IFS aims to ensure comparability and transparency for the consumer throughout the entire supply chain, and to reduce costs for suppliers and retailers. These goals are implemented not only by the IFS team, but also by the IFS board and the ITC (IFS Technical Committee). 6 standards and 3 development programs More than 26,000 certificates per year 105 certification bodies and assessment service providers 1,300 auditors and assessors 90 countries on 4 continents 40 employees Decisions made by ITC, board and team