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Law Team Sustainability Actions

We Rise By Lifting Others

We’re big believers in building community (there’s no ‘I’ in team!), so we give back by supporting other businesses that work to prevent problems before they occur, and support the fabric of society – just like us. Our Together legal events help local businesses to grow with sound legal advice while supporting charities like Epilepsy Action Australia through the generous donations of our attendees. Together with organisations like Lifeline, and Time is Precious we’re making a positive impact for people and the planet.

Passing Plants

This year, Law Team is partnering with Passing Plants to give Christmas gifts that cultivate connection, sustainability, inclusivity and understanding. For every plant we gift, we’re placing a plant in an open space to be loved and nurtured by a stranger.

Greener Operations

We’re weaving sustainability into our operations for a greener workspace with: - Digitised notes, lists and programs using energy-efficient technology - Certified Climate Active Neutral paper for printing - Eco-tank printers with refillable inks - Who Gives a Crap paper towels to clean up office spills - Smart Water Conservation: re-purposing left over water for plant watering - Resource Recycling: breathing new life into office materials like batteries and toner cartridges - Lights out when rooms aren’t in use to minimise energy use.

Closing the gender pay gap

As an all-female law firm, we champion a workplace culture rooted in equity and fairness. We’re committed to closing gender pay gaps by ensuring every member of our team is valued and compensated equitably for their skills and contributions. By fostering an environment that prioritizes equal opportunities, we not only break down barriers but also set an example for the legal industry.

Law Team is a proud sponsor of 'Time is Precious' charity ball fundraiser for Bowel Cancer Australia.

Law Team is a proud sponsor of the Time is Precious charity ball. Australia has one of the highest rates of bowel cancer in the world; 1 in 15 Australians will develop the disease in their lifetime. Yet it is one of the most preventable cancers. This incredible black-tie event is held in memory of Rob Bosch and all those who have fought or are fighting a tough battle with bowel cancer. We are forever committed to helping and supporting those affected by this disease.

Together Legal

Together legal is a legal program to take you from legal confusion to clarity. Law Team is committed to giving back to the community and that's why we have recently launched together legal where we hold free information sessions to our community. There’s an art to dreaming big. And we want to help you master it. Whether you’re a start-up or scale-up, home buyer or investor, Together Legal will give you the understanding and practical legal skills you need to protect your vision in bite-sized courses. Because law is the foundation that helps ideas grow. And when you know what you’re building is safe, you can dream bigger!

Walk Club!

Law Team Walk Club is business mentoring on the move on the Central Coast. Every Tuesday we walk and talk with inspiring female CEOs, Directors, Executives and Founders about all things business and entrepreneurship. ​Attendees get to swap knowledge with other aspiring women, form meaningful connections that can help them grow and stay motivated with their very own all female hype crew. Every walk is an opportunity to connect your mind, body and aspirations. Learn more here:

Law Team Out of the Shadows Walk

Law Team are walking with Lifeline this year in the Out of the Shadows Walk. We are walking 1km for each Australian life that is lost to suicide daily. We hope to encourage the people we know to walk with us to raise money and awareness for the cause. No one should walk alone.

Proud partner of Bowel Cancer Lunch

Law Team is so excited to partner with Time is Precious and Bowel Cancer Australia to spread awareness and educate the community about bowel cancer in women. Did you know that around 47% of people diagnosed with bowel cancer are female? 1 in 15 Aussie women will develop bowel cancer in their life time. As a fully female business, Law Team is committed to providing support to other females in any way, shape or form that we can.

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