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Norco Sustainability Profile

Norco Co-operative Limited, an entirely farmer-owned dairy cooperative, holds a longstanding commitment to environmental stewardship, community engagement, and maintaining integrity in its operations. With a rich history to respect, Norco is devoted to contributing to a sustainable future while embracing the values of authenticity, connection, diversity, and agility. Ensuring compliance with environmental legislation, the cooperative is focused on sensitive operations towards the environment and continuously engages with stakeholders to create shared success.

About Norco

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Norco Sustainability Actions

Environmental Compliance

Norco ensures that all of its operations comply with both the letter and the spirit of environmental legislation, demonstrating a high standard of care for the environment.

Community Engagement

Through its value of connection, Norco respects, considers, and actively engages with its community and stakeholders, aiming to positively impact people's lives.

Norco Sustainability Commitments


Sustainable Future

Norco commits to contributing to a sustainable future by staying true to their word and delivering on commitments through actions with integrity and honesty.


Diversity and Improvement

The cooperative pledges to foster continuous improvement and embrace different experiences and backgrounds, thereby enhancing outcomes.

About Norco

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