Pangolin Associates

Foundation Member | Tracking Since February 2023

Pangolin Associates Sustainability Actions

B Corp Certified

Pangolin Associates is a founding Australian member of B Corp. B Corp is a global, voluntary initiative that rigorously assesses social and environmental practices to promote higher standards of accountability and transparency. We take pride in helping other businesses succeed in the environmental component of B Corp for both initial certifications and higher scores on reassessments.

Industry leader in Climate Active Consulting

The Australian Government recognises only one carbon neutral certification: Climate Active. We have helped over half the Climate Active-certified organisations in the program.

Business Member of 1% for the Planet

This is a global entity that exists to ensure our planet and future generations thrive. To date, 1% for the Planet has directed hundreds of millions of dollars to non profit organisations globally. These funds come from individuals and businesses that, like Pangolin, donate 1% of gross sales to support environmental organisations. Through 1% for the Planet Pangolin supports Bush Heritage Australia, Greenfleet Australia, African Pangolin Working Group, Climate Council of Australia, Australian Marine Conservation Society, Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network, and HalfCut. As always, we also commit to ongoing environmental stewardship through our everyday actions and business practices.

Signatory of United Nations Global Compact

We are a signatory to the UN Global Compact. This is a non-binding pact that encourages businesses to be accountable: to adopt environmentally and socially responsible policies and to disclose actions and results.

Reduce paper

We actively discourage paper consumption. We use online systems and deliver documents and reports in PDF format. We use iPads for one on one presentations instead of paper based reports, or more energy intensive laptops. For larger presentations we request no printing of notes, rather emailed upon request. When we must print, we use duplex printers and paper with a high recycled content. We choose Climate Active-certified carbon neutral paper. We also recycle all toner cartridges and wasted paper. We request that clients, partners and suppliers scan and email communications in lieu of faxing or posting. We do not list a fax number to further discourage paper use.

Reduce energy consumption

All office equipment is turned off when not in use. We have installed 120 solar photovoltaic (PV) panels at our Adelaide location, along with energy efficient lighting, and energy monitoring of the HVAC system. Our Sydney office has LED lighting with motion sensors. We are a participating member of CitySwitch Green Office, a program designed to lower energy consumption in commercial buildings. We encourage work from home to reduce our transport footprint and resources used. Most of our team, and all four directors, have invested in solar power at home, as well as energy efficient appliances and lighting.

Minimise waste

Waste is kept to a minimum. We select products and materials that can be recycled. We go out of our way to recycle materials that cannot go into the recycle bin, such as toner cartridges, mobile phones and batteries.

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