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Manassen Foods Sustainability Profile

For over three decades, Newman's Own has championed the philosophy of "Good deeds from good food," turning premium quality ingredients into over $560 million in donations worldwide. Founded by Paul Newman in 1982 as a small salad dressing venture, the company has grown into a global brand dedicated to nourishment and community support, maintaining its promise of donating 100% of profits to charitable causes.

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Manassen Foods Sustainability Actions

Launching Salad Dressing Line

Starting in a small barn in 1982, Paul Newman mixed quality ingredients to distribute homemade salad dressings as holiday gifts, which marked the beginning of Newman's Own.

Expansion to Retail

Newman’s Own scaled its operations from a makeshift holiday gift idea to placing products in upscale local food stores, increasing access to quality food products.

Manassen Foods Sustainability Commitments


Charity Grants Announced

Newman's Own announced that the 2019 recipients of charity grants would be revealed, continuing its tradition of supporting various charity organizations.

About Manassen Foods

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