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Pukka Sustainability Profile

Pukka Herbs is dedicated to benefiting the health of people, plants, and the planet. Commencing operations in 2001 with a foundation in organic farming, fair trade, and conservation through commerce, Pukka believes in a business model that supports environmental and societal regeneration. Their belief is that a healthy world equates to healthy people, and they strive to create a positive future with every cup of tea they offer.

About Pukka

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Pukka Sustainability Actions

Fair for Life

Pukka Herbs is Fair for Life certified, demonstrating their commitment to ethical trading and sustainable sourcing.

Carbon Neutral

Pukka Herbs achieved carbon neutrality in 2019, illustrating their dedication to combating climate change and reducing carbon emissions.

Pukka Sustainability Commitments


Impact Report

Pukka Herbs committed to publishing their 2021 Impact Report, detailing their sustainability achievements and goals.


Organic Vision

Pukka maintains a vision to uphold their sourcing of organic ingredients, ensuring the highest environmental standards.

Pukka Partnerships

About Pukka

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