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South Pole Australia Sustainability Actions

Climate Disclosure Support

South Pole stands ready to support businesses in taking the steps required to prepare to not only comply with Australia's upcoming mandatory climate-related reporting requirements but to take meaningful climate action and build business resilience. We can support in the following areas: - Australian Sustainability Reporting Standards Readiness Assessment - Greenhouse Gas Footprinting - Climate Scenario Analysis - Target Setting - Climate Transition Plans - Climate Communications

Helping Companies Reach Net Zero

Aligning with the latest climate science our team of experts guide businesses towards innovative solutions to both mitigate risk and achieve their sustainability goals as they start, or continue, their journey to achieve net zero.

From Ambition to Action

South Pole helps companies turn their climate ambition into climate action by helping measure their environmental footprint. Our climate experts help businesses set climate targets and create roadmaps to achieve them, we identify decarbonisation opportunities and help businesses to fund climate action through the purchasing of carbon credits. We also support businesses in communicating their climate action, helping them to lead the transition towards a low-carbon future.

100% Renewable Energy

All South Pole office locations are powered by 100% renewable energy since 2019.

Climate Active Certified

South Pole Australia is certified via Climate Active, meaning that we are taking climate action by compensating for our emissions by offsetting through carbon credits, while we are working towards Net Zero.

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