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SPC Sustainability Profile

SPC is an Australian company renowned for its commitment to high-quality and sustainable food solutions tailored for both individual and commercial needs. Their product range includes fruit and beans specifically designed to appeal to consumers interested in reliability, taste, and responsible sourcing. Notably, SPC focuses on offering Australian-made products that are free from artificial colors or flavors, reinforcing its stance on quality and natural ingredients.

About SPC

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SPC Sustainability Actions

Launch of SPC Lunchbox Line

SPC has introduced SPC Fruit Cups and SPC Bean Pot under the SPC Lunchbox branding to provide healthy, convenient snack options for children and adults alike, focusing on good taste and nutritional value.

SPC Sustainability Commitments


Better Food for The Future

SPC has adopted nine principles aimed at enhancing the diversity and accessibility of food it offers, emphasizing sustainability and innovation accessible to all customers globally.

About SPC

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Sustainable Development Goals

SPC is committed to advancing these Global Goals to promote prosperity for people & planet.


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