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We enable the hospitality industry to minimise their impact on the environment whilst still providing customers with a great experience at an affordable price.

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Straws that last in your drink, not in the environment

Long lasting in your drink, our straws are designed to break down in any environment and leave no footprint in less than 90 days.

The Only Straw Sustainability Commitments


Saving our oceans and its inhabitants

We are committed to cleaner oceans and helping the marine life live in a healthier environment. In less than 1 year we have replaced more than 250,000 plastic straws going into our environment.


Reducing plastic in our oceans

From March the 1st 2023 we have committed 10 cents from every box of 1000 straws to Oceans Integrity. Oceans Integrity are an organisation that has started by reducing plastic in the oceans of Indonesia and paying local communities to help reduce waste in the waters off their villages. Every box of The Only Straw sold will remove 1kg of plastic from our oceans.

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About The Only Straw

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Sustainable Development Goals

The Only Straw is committed to advancing these Global Goals to promote prosperity for people & planet.






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