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Vittoria Group Sustainability Profile

Vittoria Group is paving the way for sustainability in the cycling industry with a dedicated commitment to responsible operations and carbon footprint reduction. In the past year, the company has seen considerable growth in production, workforce, and market reach. With this growth comes an increasing responsibility to the planet and its people. Vittoria Group is motivated by a love for the beauty of nature and the community of riders, aiming for a better tomorrow through meaningful actions and a robust ESG Action Plan.

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Vittoria Group Sustainability Actions

Carbon Footprint Measure

Vittoria Group took concrete steps in assessing its environmental impact by measuring its corporate carbon footprint in 2022, laying the groundwork for future emission reduction initiatives.

Launch of Vittoria Re-cycling

Demonstrating its commitment to a circular economy, Vittoria launched the Vittoria Re-cycling program to manage waste and promote sustainability, achieving significant coverage in just a few months.

Industry Engagement

The company has been actively participating in industry discussions to foster accelerated climate action, emphasizing their role in broader environmental stewardship.

Vittoria Group Sustainability Commitments


ESG Team Formation

To drive its ESG Action Plan effectively, Vittoria Group established a dedicated ESG team at the start of 2022, composed of full-time members and an ESG supervisor at their Thai factory.

About Vittoria Group

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