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Wild Earth Sustainability Profile

Wild Earth is a sustainable pet food company on a mission to get the junk out of our pets' food—by making the highest quality clean protein the world has ever seen.

We started Wild Earth because we were fed up with the dog food industry. It wasn’t doing right by the animals we love and the planet we share with them. At its core, there’s an unhealthy meat dependency in pet food. Most of the time, meat in your pet food means: Bad ingredients. Bad practices. And bad health. Which is bad news for pets, pet parents, and the planet. So we made a new kind of dog food—a better one. With a plant-based recipe that’s simply made better. This means: High-quality, cruelty-free ingredients. Sustainable sourcing that’s better for the planet. And a vet-developed recipe that’s both healthy and better for pets. So we can feel better about the food we feed our furry friends.

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Wild Earth Sustainability Actions

Clean ingredients to Nourish your pet and planet

Wild Earth delivers the world’s most responsible high protein dog food to your doorstep. Made plant-based with ingredients that nourish your pet, our planet, and the desire to do the right thing.

Dogs are Om-nom-nivores

Did you know that dogs are omnivores, not carnivores? That means, they need protein, and that protein can come from anywhere. And don’t worry, we’re not skimping on that meaty umami flavor. Why plant-based? Because we want healthy dogs and a healthy planet for our future generations. The over-reliance of meat in kibble is responsible for 25-30% of the environmental impact of meat consumption in the United States. You’re helping change that, one meal at a time.

Better Ingredients For Better Nutrition

We make sustainable ingredient choices that deliver clean and complete nutrition for benefits you can see.

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Wild Earth Sustainability News

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