Responsible Wood Certification


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Responsible Wood Certification

What makes Responsible Wood Certification Responsible?

The Responsible Wood Shield is your assurance that the products you purchase come from a responsibly-managed Australian forest.

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The Responsible Wood logo helps you make a simple choice


When you see the Responsible Wood logo on a product, it means that it comes from a Responsible Wood-certified forest (obviously, only the forest-based material within the product). A Responsible Wood-certified forest is an Australian forest that is managed in line with the strictest environmental, social and economic requirements. A forest that will be around for generations to come.

Enabling traceability


Through Responsible Wood certification, we can track the material from these forests, down the supply chain, to the final product that you buy. The mechanism to track the material is called chain of custody certification. Beyond ensuring that the material comes from a certified forest, it also protects the rights of workers along the production process. On each and every Responsible Wood logo, you will find a unique license number, which provides for ready identification of the license holder. You can even search our database of certified providers. Did you know that you can even use the Responsible Wood label to find out more about the company that made the product? If you look under the logo, you will see a string of numbers – type these into our ‘Find Certified’ database and see what you find.

Combating deforestation

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When you buy a product carrying the Responsible Wood label, you can be assured that you are not contributing to deforestation. On the contrary: you are helping stop it. Moreover, you are also supporting forest owners who manage their forests sustainably. Forest owners who care for their forests and depend on them for their livelihoods.

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