Glass Infuser Flasks


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Glass Infuser Flasks

What makes Glass Infuser Flasks Responsible?

Available in 3 sizes. 300ml, 400ml and 500ml Insulated for hot and cold. Use day or night for any beverage. Comes with a removable 2-in-1 infuser to allow for extreme versatility. Brew teas, infuse fruit waters or simply use for water or smoothies.

Raw Materials1

Investing in a reusable Fressko flask or coffee cup is the smartest choice for your health and lifestyle.


Investing in a reusable Fressko flask is the smartest choice for your health and lifestyle. Our glass flasks are made from BPA-free, double-walled glass so you’ll never have to worry about chemical leaching, flask or cup discolouring or flavour tainting, like you would with cheaper materials. The same goes with our stainless steel range. Everything is to food grade standards - untainted and safe for your family.

Fressko flasks are made from the highest quality glass, bamboo and stainless steel

Raw Materials

We test our products at every stage of production to make sure they are only ever made from the thickest A-grade borosilicate glass, and food-grade 304 18/8 stainless steel. The end result is a reusable, durable, beautifully finished Flask or coffee cup with the best standard of vacuum seal.

We have carefully chosen our manufacturers and work closely alongside them .


We do this to make sure every bottle is perfect, every time. Our partner factories in China are the best in the business, using the most advanced technology and machinery while maintaining ethical workplaces – something that is very important to us, and to you.